More than 1,300 students in Davis School District experience homelessness and lack access to critical resources. These children live in cars, abandoned buildings, storage units, or couch-surfing every night.

Most of them are on their own, with the school acting as the only place they can obtain food and safety from the elements. These indignities manifest themselves in the form of academic underperformance. Davis Education Foundation is committed to removing barriers for homeless and at-risk students by constructing drop-in centers within school buildings. The intent is not only to be a haven where students feel safe, supported, hopeful, and cared for, but to be a place where basic physical needs are met and academic achievement is paramount. In 2023, the Call Foundation, together with FJ Management's subsidiary Big West Oil, supported the creation of two new Teen Wellness Centers at Bountiful High School and Viewmont High School in Davis County.

We strengthen children and families through investments in equitable access to early childhood education, early childhood and family mental health, affordable housing, and food security.