We invest in essential housing throughout the West and Midwest. A prominent social determinant of health, affordable housing provides many community benefits including increased consumer spending, job and economic growth, reduced evictions, and decreased homelessness. In addition, it provides stability for children who need safe, stable places to learn and grow.

Nation-wide, there is a shortage of 7 million homes for our country’s 11 million plus low-income families (National Low-Income Housing Coalition). According to the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce, for the first time in 40 years, more Utahns are in need of a home than there are homes available. Since 1991, Utah’s housing prices have increased more than San Francisco, San Jose and Seattle. It is an issue that we all care about. Working with key partners, we are securing and preserving affordable units for seniors and working families so they have a safe, affordable, and peaceful place to live and work. 

Since 2022, we have invested more than $39 million dollars in essential housing for working families and vulnerable seniors.

We strengthen children and families through investments in equitable access to early childhood education, early childhood and family mental health, affordable housing, and food security.